New Home Plumbing

New Home Plumbing

A good design can make an incredible difference to how effective the plumbing in your home is.  Simple things that make your daily life easier are important to Craig Plumbing, in guiding the choices you make – eg having enough hot water to meet your family’s need, having hot water quickly enough, having effective drainage for waste, avoiding unnecessary backflow problems. The list goes on…

Our team at Craig Plumbing value guiding you with their extensive experience and knowledge in plumbing design.  So many decisions for you to make when building a new home. Our team can guide your decisions.

Decisions such as:

  • Is your home suitable for solar water heating
  • Should you have underfloor heating
  • Which kitchen appliances would best fit
  • Gas or electric – what are the benefits?
  • Which products would look good and be functional for the purpose
  • Hot water heat pumps?
  • Continuous gas flow hot water systems?
  • Which piping system will meet your needs

Once your design is in place our team will work with your builders and contractors on site, completing the whole installation of your new home plumbing system.  Most importantly we will be the plumbing team who you can confidently communicate with and who will listen to your individual needs. We pride ourselves on being punctual, reliable and having great communication skills with clients, sub-contractors and builders.

Complete New Home Plumbing

Do you want efficient contractors with decades of experience working on your new house? We’ll fit your home with a reliable plumbing system, through our skilled work and even better customer service.

Our Quality Home Plumbing

Building a new home means dealing with a lot of services. Electricity, plumbing, painting and overall construction of the house can cause a lot of stress during this process. Here at Craig Plumbing, we’re able to make your domestic plumbing hassle-free. With our experience and skill, your plumbing will be sorted out in no time.

Specific New Home Plumbing Solutions

During our time with you, we’ll create a plumbing system that best suits the structure of your home. Our goal is to install plumbing that meets your needs, and the needs of the home. The work we do is will leave you with practical and functioning plumbing, specific to your requirements.

The task of building a new home requires many important decisions to be made. We understand your situation, so we’re more than happy to spend the time getting to know what you want from our services.

Meeting Your Requirements

From the very beginning of the job, up until completion, we’ll provide expert plumbing solutions that meet your important time frames and budget.

As with any trade, equipment and techniques are always evolving. We make it our business to make sure we’re offering the newest techniques in domestic plumbing. At the end of every job, we’re confident our customers have a home that works how they wanted.

Up-to-Date Plumbing Solutions

Domestic plumbing requires a special consideration of your lifestyle. The work we do will always include the use of the most up-to-date products for a modern home. It’s essential in these times to take special care to provide plumbing that is as energy efficient and cost-effective as possible. To get the best functioning system, you must use the best products.

Plumbing in a home needs to be able to stand the test of time. You don’t want problems arising in the near future due to improperly performed jobs. With our expertise, we’ll install a system that lasts.

Renovations and Extensions

If you’re changing your home’s structure or adding to it, you’ll need to adjust your plumbing system to suit these alterations. We’re able to work with the changes you’re looking to make and provide well-functioning plumbing that meets your needs. This is especially necessary in kitchen and bathroom renovations. Consult us for leading advice and services in your plumbing needs.

Trust in Experience

With over 30 years of experience in providing great plumbing to homes, our team is prepared to meet your requirements over a wide range of jobs. The work we do is to a consistently high standard, as Master plumbers, we’re leaders in our field. You can rely on us for quality plumbing work.

Talk to us Today

If you have a new home requiring plumbing in East Auckland, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to offer advice and assistance with any of your plumbing needs. We’re also capable of taking on any smaller jobs you may have, alongside larger projects. Get in touch with us now for quality, industry-leading plumbing services.

Let our professional team support you with the innovative solutions you need for your new home.

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