Are you experiencing PROBLEMS WITH YOUR HOT WATER?

  • No hot water
  • Not enough hot water
  • A leaking cylinder
  • Hot water is too hot
  • Hot water is not hot enough

Craig Plumbing can help you

  • Repair all models of hot water cylinders
  • Replace all models of hot water cylinders
  • Guide your solutions and selection of products

We can usually replace a cylinder on the SAME DAY thus causing minimal disruption to your household.

You can BENEFIT GREATLY from our expertise and experience in meeting your household budget and needs!

At Craig Plumbing Ltd we can help you with all your hot water cylinder requirements.

If your hot water cylinder is overflowing or the cylinder itself is leaking then CALL US NOW.

Are you looking to upgrade your hot water cylinder from Low Pressure to a Mains Pressure cylinder to enjoy greater water pressure in your home?

Do you want to have a more energy efficient hot water system installed? We have gas or electric options we can discuss with you.

Do you want a hot water heat pump, saving you money and running costs- greater efficiency all around! Talk to us about it- we can help!

Call Craig Plumbing Ltd for professional advice on your cylinder needs.

You can save on your electrical bills.



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